It’s one thing to care for the planet for our own well-being, but once we bring a child into the world there is an even bigger ‘why’ behind our environmental consciousness and the future for the next generation. As well as being aware of our own agendas - we are also gifting life, learning and legacy through another beautiful little being. This post sits deeply with me, because the future of our planet does lie in the hands of our children and the next generation, so it is our duty to show them how to care for the environment and honour the earth. More importantly, it’s never too early to start, so today I have have nine simple ways to show you how you can improve our planet, now.

1. Eat organic fruits, vegetables and produce

Especially if you’re breastfeeding, your child will absorb the nutrients from your body so be mindful of what you’re putting into it. As your child starts eating solids, buy local produce, use organic baby cookbooks and experiment with recipes that will nourish your growing baby best.

2. If you are bottle feeding, avoid plastic

Use BPA free or glass bottles to ensure no nasties can drain off the bottle into the baby’s body. The same goes for BPA free containers once we move onto solids.

3. Be mindful of what your baby is wearing

Natural fibres ensure our baby isn’t exposed to harmful chemicals or pesticides in synthetic products. Our Boody baby range protects sensitive skin, supports breathability and provides silky soft comfort for the eco-friendly baby.

Boody Baby

Boody Baby range

4. Check the bathroom products you are using

Don’t apply to your baby what you wouldn’t put on your own skin, and support ethical and safe baby products that nourish and support the skin. Look for products that contain no artificial fragrances, colours, and parabens. Remember a little goes a long way.

5. Try re-usable nappies

Conventional nappies heavily impact our environment. According to figures released in 2009 by IbisWorld, Australians use around 5.6 million nappies per day. This means that over 2 billion used nappies go into landfill sites in Australia each year. Cloth nappies are a sustainable way to support the planet and our grocery bill. Just simply use and throw in the washing machine a couple of times a week. Check out these gorgeous eco-friendly bamboo nappies from our friends at Bambooty. Econaps also have a beautiful eco-friendly range of cloth nappies that will nurture your baby’s tush beautifully and save you money.

6. Get out in nature

Of course getting out of the house in the first few months is not always easy, but consider some lovely walks around the block or in your local park to clear your mind and get some fresh air for you and your bub. There’s nothing like a cuddle in the sunshine or even better - join an outdoor Mums and bubs group for social enjoyment. Just keep in mind to avoid heavily polluted areas and second-hand smoke.

7. Look out for toys made from natural materials

Plastic toys are not only environmentally unfriendly, but can pose potential harm and threats to your baby. Look out for toys made from cotton, wool or wood to ensure safe child play.

8. Begin nurturing their self-esteem now

Sing beautiful songs, speak words of kindness and read books that speak stories of love and joy. Your baby may not respond physically, but they can feel your vibration and sense your energy.

9. Follow your intuition and know you are doing your very best

Especially for first-time parents, it’s all too easy to get caught up in what others are doing and feel we might be doing it all wrong. Just remember at the end of the day you were once a little baby, and at the time your parents could only do their best too. Take the advice that resonates with you from others but ultimately, lead with heart and respect your inner wisdom. You’re doing a wonderful job...



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