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We sometimes forget the incredible power of community. While I love retreating alone and having ‘me’ time, nothing can beat that feeling of belonging to something -  that sense of connectedness, strength and inspiration. Just a few weeks back I was working my day job as a barista at my local coffee shop in North Bondi when one of our regulars came in. Shaun overheard me chatting to another local about a recent wellness article I’d written for Mamamia and unbeknown to me, his ears instantly perked up. We got chatting  and he told me he sold a range of eco friendly bamboo garments and was searching for a Boody Blogger -  someone that fits everything Boody stands for - health, wellness, happiness and the environment. I too was searching… I wanted to be writing more, diving deeper into my own health and wellness and making a positive impact. On a grand scale we’ve recently witnessed the positive impact of countries aiding each other during tragedy, neighbourhoods joining forces through tough times and people donating their time and energy to serve those in need. But embracing a sense of community can also be as simple as inspiring others with your experiences, lending a helping hand, collectively sharing ideas, having a conversation that lifts someone up or embracing a common cause. Can you look back and remember all the times that someone was there for you when you needed it most? Or that moment when you felt at ease because you were being held and supported? Or when could only be defined as divine intervention, places you in the right place at the exact right time, presenting an opportunity just as you were looking for it. Boody found a writer that was aligned with their brand, I found an opportunity that was aligned with who I am, and today I sit here writing to you all, grateful for the opportunity to represent Boody and also for the wonderful power of community. Boody is stocked in local health stores and pharmacies across the globe, not big department stores, because we also believe in the power of community. We want our garments to be felt, seen, discussed and easily accessed by our community. We also have a burning desire to connect with each and every one of you across the globe, so we realised we needed an online space where we can meet up. So today i’m incredibly excited  to celebrate with you the birth of our very own Boody Blog. A hub where inspiration can be shared so we can start creating ripple effects and make an impact that is aligned with our mission. We want to connect with our worldwide community of people who are conscious, ethical and passionate about being in harmony with their health and the planet. What you can expect from us -
  • Interesting tips and information on environmental awareness and change
  • Lifestyle ideas that are on trend but also eco-friendly
  • Health tips that are authentic and reliable
  • Insight and interviews with conscious people who are advocates of natural wellness and treading on the earth lightly
  • The latest Boody news that will keep you up to date with promotions, discounts and our latest products plus more insight into eco-friendly fashion.
We thank you for supporting us on our journey so far and look forward to our next phase of the Boody journey with you. So each week pop on your comfy Boody wear, pour yourself a cuppa and sit back and enjoy our latest posts. Have a Boodyful day, Karla ______________ Karla Layton wants to live in a world where people are not afraid to express themselves and what they’re passionate about.A witty word-wrangler and clear-cut communicator, she’s been featured on Mamamia and When she’s not being a day-maker with her words or dishing out advice on her blog, you can find her sharing the power of essential oils, sipping coffee, getting salty in the ocean and obsessively watching Suits. Her latest free eBook “EASE - A creative’s guide to finding calm and cultivating connection” is out now. Karla is passionate about the environment and living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Her favourite Boody garment is the V-Neck Tee and is proud to shout Boody’s praises to everyone who will listen.

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