6 Useful Gift Ideas for New Mums

6 Useful Gift Ideas for New Mums

Buying cute gifts for newborn babies is fun, but there’s someone else who also deserves to know we care.

Giving a practical and useful gift to a new mum is a beautiful way to celebrate her journey, nourish her body and boost her maternal spirits. Choosing eco-friendly gifts is also a compassionate way to celebrate life, encouraging the new mum or mum to be to look after herself and her newborn baby naturally.

We’ve come up with six priceless and affordable gift ideas that are thoughtful, beneficial and cost-effective. Read on!

  • 1. Gift Practical Baby Clothes

  • It’s easy to want to take credit for some of the cute items in bub’s wardrobe, but take more pride in the materials you choose. Fragile babies need adaptable clothing for their delicate sensitive skin. Think natural organic fibres and eco babywear that will keep bub comfortable and cosy.

    New mums already have it hard enough, always look for practicality in an outfit so dress changes can be done with ease. Boody’s Long Sleeve Onesie has a flexible, two-way zip for quick dressing and nappy changes. It’s wonderfully soft for those precious mum and baby snuggles.

    Boody baby onesie is super practical for new mums thanks to its 2-way zip.

    Boody Baby Onesie is a practical piece of eco babywear and useful gift, making mum's life easier.

    2. Offer Living Plants

    A flowering plant or even a tree is a symbolic gift of the baby’s development. It’s long lasting, a beautiful decoration for the home or garden, and a permanent reminder of the birth of her budding little one.

    Some indoor plants can also clean the air which is great for reducing environmental toxins for a healthy baby. Check out this infographics developed by NASA showing the best air filtering house plants for some green gift inspiration: 

    Best air filtering houseplants - NASA

    3. Comfy Undies

    Breastfeeding can be painful and cumbersome if you don’t have adapted clothing that’s easy to put on and off.

    A new mother would probably prefer comfort over style, but with Boody’s seam free shaper crop bra, she can have both. This bra's straps pulls on and off the shoulder with ease and avoids tricky fastening or wires. It’s soft on the skin and enhances a natural shape - perfect for lounging around at home or underneath any outfit.

    Boody Shaper Crop Bra is ideal for nursing and breastfeeding.

    Boody Shaper Crop Bra is a stylish alternative to the traditional maternity bra.
    Certified toxin free and made using 100% organic bamboo.

    4. An act of service

    Especially in the first few weeks at home, new Mums are more than likely to be exhausted, sleep deprived and restrained by feeding and nap times.

    An act of service is a thoughtful way to give a new Mum a break and most of the time costs little to nothing. Call her when you’re out grocery shopping and ask if she needs anything or pop over with a coffee or fresh juice.

    Deliver some homemade food or lactation cookies which boost nutrients and help with milk supply. These cookies can be made with different combinations and can support everything from postpartum depression to fatigue, low levels of iron, and low fibre.

    Offer to clean the house for an hour. Babysit her newborn while she goes to a cafe on her own with a magazine, or take the other siblings out for the day.

    5. A Gift of service

    This will certainly perk up a new Mum who might be needing some self-care. Give her a voucher for a pregnancy or postnatal massage. Make a nourishing fruit basket to boost her energy. Purchase a healthy dinner box for the week from Marley Spoon or pre-made meals from Youfoodz. Or a beautiful newborn and family photo session.

    For something really special, gift a journal. This way she can write on the moments spent with her newborn and recall their first days later on. Journalling also improves mindfulness, reduces stress and increases gratitude, so it’s a great self-care tool to use in the early stages.

    6. Be supportive of her choices

    This is something we so easily forget, but also being supportive of a new Mum’s choices and offering a gentle heart is a gift in itself. Trust that she is following her intuition and doing what she thinks is best. There’s nothing more upsetting for a new Mum then to be told she is doing something wrong. Respect, accept and embrace.

    The experience of having a newborn is incredible, but it also comes with many challenges. These ideas will be sure to leave any new Mum feeling elated instead of deflated. Shop practical and stylish everyday wear for new mums and babies.

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