Comfort and style. Active tights do it all.

No longer taboo to lounge around in your activewear, a good pair of quality active tights can take you from couch to brunch to the gym.

Still weary about whether leggings are pants or not (hint: they totally are), then we have the fashion guide for you so you can slay in any occasion.

Wear with a bomber jacket

Be like Gigi and Kendall and style up your activewear with a bomber jacket. Looks effortlessly chic over a crop and tights, plus it can take you from a heavy sweat sesh to brunch with your pals. 

Layer up

First, apply your active tights. Next, add in a dash of cotton. Stir it up with an extra thin layer (think: long sleeve T or a light sweater). Finish off with an oversized knit or (as above) a bomber, leather or denim jacket. Keep warm and look stylish!
Boody beanie

Add accessories

Bonus: you don’t even have to buy new pieces. Style your active tights with a big handbag and statement sunglasses for a long weekend lunch.

Stock up on neutrals

Whilst bright and patterned tights are all the rage now, in a few years time you’ll wish you just invested in a comfortable and always-in-fashion pair of tights that make a statement (in a different way) for years to come.

Match with a bright crop

When in doubt, add colour with a crop. Show off your hard work in the gym and switch up your morning coffee run or beat the summer heat with a crop-tights combination. Perfect for boosting your body confidence! Check out our Racerback Sports Bra in Black with Silver Stitching.

Pair with basics

We believe that good basics take you anywhere, so what better way to show off your eco-friendly wardrobe than to pair a basic tee with your comfy active tights? (Shop our new grey marl shade).

Grey Marl Tee

Pick the right shoe

The shoe you pair with your active tights will depend on the occasion and the weather. Add flip-flops for warmer weather and beach days. Consider a fancy sneaker for a shopping trip. Wear your Birkenstocks with your tights when doing a coffee run or meeting a mate.

Work it

Ever thought about styling your active tights for work? It’s possible with a pair that looks the part (try: Boody’s Activewear Range). If you’re ready to take the plunge, pair with a longer top that gives the illusion that the pants may, in fact, be work pants. A collared shirt in a lighter fabric would look great -- all you need is a trench and some jewellery around your neck to complete the look.

Wear under a dress

If you’re a stickler for comfort, sometimes you just want to wear your active tights to an afternoon sesh at the local pub. With a flowy, black dress and a pair of heels, no one will even notice that your stretchy pants are saving the day underneath your glamorous attire.

Go country-style

A denim chambray + brown leather boots = a winning combination. Wear over a pair of long tights when the weather starts to turn (around mid-April) and throw over a chunky scarf for those colder days.

Never compromise your personal style

Where you would usually wear a pair of jeans, instead give the active pant a try. In no time, you’ll find yourself creating outfits based on what tops and shoes fit together with your favourite pair of tights.

Black with a dash of more black

The tone that carries any outfit from average to sophisticated, black is the only accessory you need. Pair your long black active tights with a long sleeve black shirt, a leather jacket and your black Nikes. Fresh as a daisy.

Activewear in black


So, when is it okay to wear activewear? We say always. On every occasion. Especially when there’s food involved.

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