When we live a healthy lifestyle, our bodies can be very efficient in eliminating toxins and waste that doesn't serve us. However when we are constantly exposed to a variety of chemicals and toxins from the air, water and food on a daily basis - even the healthiest body can find it all too much and weighed down by the toxic load. So we’ve come up with 7 ways you can step in and enhance your natural living lifestyle.

1. Avoid chemicals, synthetic fragrances and household cleaning products

Conventional household cleaning products can introduce harmful chemicals into our homes and bodies which can cause asthma and other breathing difficulties, allergies and cancer.  Sometimes even the ‘natural’ products on the shelves aren't always what they claim to be so opt to make homemade products and use your pantry staples like bicarb soda, white vinegar and spruce it up with some pure essential oils for a simple household cleaner.

2. Avoid BPA water bottles and drink filtered water

Not only are plastic water bottles damaging our health, but they are a major environmental issue that is harming our planet. According to Clean-up Australia, 1 in 10 items found on Clean-up Australia Day are plastic water bottles. Not to mention it takes up to 1000 years to break these plastics down! Most bottles are derived from crude oil, an oil which is highly toxic and even more damaging when spilled into our oceans. Plastic water bottles also require 3L of water to produce each 600mL water bottle! The chlorine in tap water is also affecting your gut health - so install or buy a water filter at home or opt for the versatility of Bobbles Filtered BPA water bottles here.

3. Go raw or cook at low temperatures

Vegetables maintain the highest nutritional value when unadulterated.  Include plenty of deep green coloured vegetables including kale, green dandelion and broccoli which all contain chlorophyll - a powerful pigment which can eliminate environmental toxins, heavy metals, herbicides, and pesticides. Spice up these meals with herbs such as parsley and cilantro which also have incredible detoxifying effects.

4. Sweat it out

Increase your cardio activity and detoxify sweat from your skin - your body’s largest organ. This also gets the lymphatic system circulating properly and prevents waste from stagnating in your body. You could also go to the local sauna and sweat it out a few times with a swim in between.

5. Dry Body Brushing

Again, the skin is a powerful detoxification organ, so start your day by dry body brushing to remove dead skin cells and dirt that may be blocking pores. This will also improve your blood circulation and as a side benefit your skin will be left feeling glowing.

6. Flush-out your colon

Consider booking yourself in for a colon cleanse. Over time our colons can build up toxic waste from undigested processed food which remains on the wall of our colon. It is an optional alternative therapy and the benefits include improved mental outlook, immune system, weight loss and vitality. However be sure to seek medical advice first and do your research for a professional colon hydrotherapy specialist http://www.acha.com.au/awareness.php

7. Yoga and meditation

Sometimes we forget just how powerful these two practises have on living a natural, toxic-free lifestyle. Over time stress and anxiety can have harmful affects on our body including an upset digestive system, poor hormone production, lower immune and sleep deprivation. Make weekly yoga classes a non-negotiable - there is always time to fit them in. Try some of these and let me know how you go in the comments below!



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