Sustainability hasn’t been a ‘cool’ term for very long, but it’s definitely showing up in the online world.

Whether you’re just starting your eco-friendly lifestyle or have been plastic-free for years, there’s plenty of inspiration around to keep you motivated and inspired.

Since every choice you make impacts the planet significantly, we’ve put together our top 7 sustainable living blogs this year that will keep your creative juices flowing and eco-heart pumping!

If you’re looking for food, lifestyle, fashion, zero-waste, parenting or well-being - we’ve got you covered.


Adele McConnell created VegieHead after seeing too many bland, faux-meat vegan recipes online. With 12 ebooks, a published cookbook and over 4 million website viewers worldwide, she’s changing the way people see plant-based food.

If you're bored of overcomplicated vegan meals, check out Adele’s Vegie Head Academy, the World's first online plant based cooking and health course. Her blog is full of tips and tricks and while you’re over there, tune into her #gogreen17 podcast.

Ecowarrior Princess

Jennifer Nini is the original Eco Warrior Princess, she founded this eco fashion and green lifestyle website back in 2010, "long before it became "cool" to care about sustainability" she says.

The best part of Jennifer’s blog? She has a directory of ethical and sustainable fashion and beauty products. Not to mention debunking the myth that sustainable fashion is bland, too expensive or too hard to find.

As a sustainability influencer, organic farmer, off-grid pioneer, eco-consultant, copywriter and marketing specialist and the voice behind the green lifestyle - she’s a definite source of inspiration to better care for our planet!

Green Lifestyle Mag

Green Lifestyle has been Australia’s leading green media title since 2007. You can count on this website for reliable, well-researched and ethical information for any aspect of eco-living.

Whether it’s growing veggies, cooking, home renovation, beauty, fashion, travel, science and a dash of politics - green living covers it all. The website provides a platform for all things green and sustainable via features, videos, blogs, news, events, reviews, competitions to win green goodies, unique offers on eco-services, a weekly e-newsletter, and more.

Think of it as your go-to eco friendly newspaper. Read up every morning and get the latest updates with your morning cup.

Sustainability in Style

Kate Roberts is an Environmental Scientist by day, dog walker and blogger by night.
She believes fashion and style are not the same things, and the efforts of us as individuals does matter.

Fashion is something decided for you by the powers that be. Style on the other hand, is an expression of the individual and something that is unique to each and every person. It’s how you take what’s given to you and make it your own.

Sustainability in Style will help you assess your current wardrobe, evolve your purchasing habits, and get involved to make a change in the way we consume apparel. Use your buying power for the good of the planet.

The Rogue Ginger

Melbourne girl Erin Rhoades special brand of magic is showing people how to start a plastic-free and zero-waste lifestyle from the very beginning.

The Rogue Ginger is where Erin shares her plastic free living alternatives to shopping, cooking, makeup, fashion, cleaning and travel while trying to create no rubbish. If you’re looking to enhance your creativity with waste-free living look no further, Erin’s Zero-Waste Wedding post is a perfect example of having no limits.

She is a regular contributor on ABC Radio; shares skills and ideas to hundreds of people at workshops, talks and forums; featured by BBC World, The Project, Sunrise, The Morning Show, The Age, Herald Sun, Marie Claire, Peppermint Magazine and much more.

Begin here with her semi-chronological list of how to's, resources and tips for anyone starting their own journey on  “I Want To Reduce My Plastic And Rubbish....But Where Do I Start?

The Broadplace

Led by Jacqui Lewis and Arran Russel, the Broadplace is a school for consciousness, creativity and clarity.

Along with their face-to-face programs based in Sydney, The Broadplace have effective and powerful online programs and books for those wanting to practically explore their inner world independently. Whether you’re just starting out with practising mindfulness or want to use it to lead more effectively in your life and business, the Broadplace has a range of offerings.

Download one of their talks, manuals, online programs, or their weekly ‘journal’ style posts and you’re guaranteed to take something truly meaningful away from it. Their Instagram is also a beautifully curated gallery of wisdom and profound lessons.

Your Zen Life

Australian actresses Teresa Palmer and Phoebe Tonkin created Your Zen Life in 2011 to celebrate the individual and also highlight the idea of oneness. Connection, inspiration, recharge and alignment are just some of the feel-good insights associated with their blog.

Your Zen Life features regular contributions from experts in a multitude of fields from nutrition to meditation to eco-living, mindfulness and healthy cooking as well as community contributions from readers.

Need a mini pick-me-up from an eco-friendly and lifestyle mentor? Tez Talks is an inspiring series of videos where Theresa unpacks different topics including natural living, mindfulness, meditation, spirituality and happiness.

With a growing sustainability community, you’ll be sure not to miss out on all your eco-friendly support in 2017. Why not share these blogs or your favourite articles with some of your family and friends and spread a ‘greener you’ lifestyle message? Check out more of our recent eco-living posts.

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