Jobs at Boody

At Boody, we create sustainable wardrobe essentials that are timeless, of high quality and are kinder to our planet. We are Australia and New Zealand’s first certified B Corp underwear company.

Behind the globe’s favourite pair of undies is a team who strive for results, are strengthened from collaboration and are driven to make an impact beyond having a standard desk job (some of ours even stand up!). With global reach Boody nurtures careers in Design, Production, Ecommerce, Marketing, Graphic Design, Logistics, Operations and Accounts. We seek out high performing team members who place an importance in company values, authenticity and are up for the challenge in pushing Boody to greater success. A natural interest in sustainability is a must have.

Joining Boody not only means being apart of our harmonious team but also offers a platform to grow your career, expand your sense in business acumen all while doing good for the planet. Our sunlit HQ, nestled in the creative hub of Surry Hills, offers a holistic way of working and coming together. With a bundle of work benefits, opportunities and a brand that cares about its people, Boody is setting out to redefine how to find fulfilment in work.

Boody is a brand that prides itself on Diversity and Inclusion and believes this should always come from within. We encourage people of all backgrounds, identities and experience to apply for our roles on offer. Looking out for the planet does not have any prerequisites. 

Boody, not just the Official Underwear of the Entire Planet but Great Place To Work Certified - check out our page here!