Introducing Our Recycling Program

Introducing Our Recycling Program

We take our impact seriously.
We’re making it easier for you too. 

When you throw away old ready-to-retire apparel, it’s a one-way ticket to the landfill. That’s why we’ve partnered with Upparel to launch The Goodness Loop. A way for you to have an immediate impact and close the loop on items you no longer wear, need, or love. Plus, as a thank you from us to you, we’ll reward you with $35 to spend on anything from the Boody range of sustainable basics.

How it works 

You return, we'll reward 

Purchase shipping label for $35. Well then gift you $35 to redeem on anything from the Boody range. 

Pack your box 

Pack your items ready for collection in a secure package. A courier will pick up your parcel from your front door. 

You closed the loop!

By getting involved, you diverted re-usable materials from landfills and gave them a new life. 

What happens next? 

If your items are sent in a suitable condition, then we can donate them to one of our charity partners for someone else to love. 

If your items are past their prime, then we’ll work with our recycling partners to turn them into something new like a kids couch sold through Upparel. 

If your items are damaged, they can be used to create new yarn or shredded and used for things like insulation. 

What The Goodness Loop accepts

Clothing items (jeans, shirts, coats, etc), Hats, Wireless Bras, Swimwear, Socks and stockings, Shoes, Linen (bedding, towels, tea towels, etc), Fabric mattress protectors (not waterproof/plastic), Fabric off-cuts and sewing scraps, Fabric couch covers and curtains, Bathers & Swimwear and Wetsuits

We can’t accept :

Unwashed items, Bags (handbags, duffle bags, etc.), Underwear, Carpet, Duvets/Doonas, Pillows/Cushions, Soft Toys and Wired Bras.

How should you pack your box?

To reduce waste and emissions we don’t send you anything to collect your items in. Your textiles can be packaged into ANY type of box (no larger than check-in luggage) — a food delivery box, grocery box or moving box would work! You can also pack your items into a durable bag or satchel. As a reference, the package should be approximately 46cm x 41cm x 42cm, however, it doesn’t have to be these dimensions exactly! Please note: The courier cannot collect garbage bags.

Why recycle your textiles with us?

  1. Because it’s convenient
    Simply purchase and book in your collection online, then our third-party courier network will collect your old textiles from your front door.
  2. You’ll have a positive impact
    For every 1kg of textiles you divert from landfills, you’ll be preventing 3-4kg of greenhouse gases from polluting the atmosphere. We’ll make it easy and take the hassle out of determining whether to reuse, upcycle or recycle your textiles.
  3. Nothing will end up in the landfill
    By implementing our philosophy of reuse first where possible, then upcycle when necessary, we’ll ensure that nothing is ever sent off-shore or dumped in landfill
  4. We’ll reward you for doing good
    You’ll score $35 back in store credit just for participating in the program. Spend it on our range of sustainable socks knowing that you’ve positively contributed to the fight against textile landfills.

Let’s close the loop on textile waste - the facts

  • Australians purchase 27kg of new textiles each year and then discard around 23kg into landfills—annually.
  • This means that as a country, we’re discarding over 6,000kg of textile and clothing waste every 10 minutes.
  • Did you know that clothing waste takes up to 40 years to decompose, whilst shoes can take 1,000 years to break down? 
  • All up, the fashion industry is the 2nd largest polluting industry in the world, contributing 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon a year.
Start recycling

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