Travel clothes: Why bamboo clothing is good for travelling

why bamboo clothing is good for travelling

Bamboo clothing has many benefits. It’s good for your skin, good for the planet and looks great on. But one of the main reasons people gravitate towards the wonder fabric is because of how it feels. In short, bamboo clothing is incredibly comfortable!

Wondering how to choose the best fabrics for travel? Look no further. Whether you’re flying, taking the train or planning a long road trip, it’s important to wear clothes you feel good in. Enter bamboo clothing.

Naturally eco-friendly, a dream to wear, durable and ultra soft, bamboo clothing is one of the best fabrics for travel clothing. In our opinion, bamboo is far superior to all traditional and contemporary fibres, both natural and synthetic. Why would you want to travel in anything different?

But comfort’s not the only reason bamboo clothing is so great to travel in. From its breathability to its antibacterial properties, bamboo clothing is truly your go-to when packing for your next work trip or holiday. The search for ethical and eco-friendly travel clothes is over with bamboo clothing.

Why is bamboo clothing great for travelling?

Bamboo clothing has so many benefits that it’s hard to narrow them down. But here’s our edit for why bamboo fabric is the number one option when you’re on the move.

It’s comfortable

bamboo clothing is comfortable

Yes, we know, we’ve mentioned this already. But when it comes to discussing bamboo clothing’s many benefits, comfort is always at the top of the pile. And, when it comes to picking your outfits for travelling, comfort is also always top of mind. Light, luxuriously-soft and gentle on the skin, bamboo clothing is like wearing a hug.

It’s breathable

bamboo clothing is breathable

Another huge benefit of wearing bamboo clothing when travelling is its breathability and the fact that it’s moisture wicking. We all know what it’s like when we get hot and sweaty on the move, which is what makes bamboo fabric such a lifesaver when travelling. The structure of the bamboo fibres contains micro-gaps, which provide ventilation and pull moisture away from the body, allowing the skin to breathe. Phew!

It’s antibacterial and antifungal

bamboo clothing is antibacterial and antifungal

As mentioned in the previous point, travelling often causes us to sweat. And we all know what can follow sweat… nasty odours! No problem, bamboo fabric has this sorted. Bamboo contains an anti-bacterial and antifungal bio-agent which is retained through the process of fabrication after washing several times. This same property also makes bamboo pieces odour-resistant. Problem solved!

It’s hypoallergenic

bamboo clothing is hypoallergenic

Sensitive skin? Bamboo clothing is particularly suitable for eczema sufferers and those with extra sensitive skin. And, with the lack of humidity on aeroplanes causing our skin to dry out (not to mention those cups of wine we knock back to calm our nerves or supposedly help us sleep), our skin can do with all the help it can get!

It’s thermo-regulating

bamboo clothing is thermo-regulating

One of the problems with travelling is that one minute you’re hot, the next you’re cold. Whether it’s down to being on a packed, sweaty train or shivering under the plane’s air conditioning, it’s important for what you’re wearing to be thermo-regulating. Bamboo clothing is just that, providing warmth without bulk. No sweat (or shivers!).

It’s lightweight

bamboo clothing is lightweight

Last but in no way least, a crucial benefit of wearing bamboo clothing when travelling is that it’s incredibly lightweight. Not only does this mean it’s super soft and comfy to wear, but it’s also easy to roll up and throw in your suitcase or hand luggage. Struggle with packing? Here’s how to pack light and smart when travelling.

What bamboo clothing to wear when travelling

Now you know the benefits of wearing bamboo clothing for travelling, you probably want to know what sort of bamboo essentials you should be donning or packing. As always, we’ve got you covered.

Bamboo underwear

Comfy, durable and breathable. Just some of the best things about wearing bamboo underwear when travelling. Our women’s and men’s ranges have all you need to take your next trip in effortless comfort.

Bamboo socks

Much like bamboo underwear, bamboo socks are a great choice for travelling because of their comfort and moisture wicking properties. Shop our women’s and men’s socks to find your perfect pair. Or, make sure you’ve got each day of your trip covered with our sock multipacks.

Bamboo basics

Finally, it’s ideal to make up your capsule travel wardrobe with a collection of quality bamboo basics. Women’s and men’s bamboo tops are perfect for layering up or down as the temperatures change, while bamboo beanies and scarves are great for staying snug and cosy when the aeroplane air conditioning is blasting.

Wherever you’re going on your next getaway, and whether it’s for work or play, make sure bamboo clothing is your go-to. And don’t forget to send us a postcard!

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