Conscious People: Introducing Jody Scott, Health Editor at Vogue Australia

Conscious People: Introducing Jody Scott, Health Editor at Vogue Australia

We are very excited at Boody to launch our interview series - Conscious People. We want to give you the opportunity to get a sneak peak into the lives of people who care deeply about their health and the planet. We hope that through these inspiring people, you find inspiration in your lifestyle and environmental decisions.

First up is the beautiful Jody Scott, Health Editor-At-Large at Vogue Australia. Jody Scott spent the first 10 years of her career in newspapers and has worked for The Australian, The Times, the Sunday Telegraph and the Sydney Morning Herald. Since having 3 beautiful girls, Jody has turned her attention to women’s magazines, leading the field as Deputy Editor of ELLE Australia, Editor of Body+Soul, Editor of Sunday Magazine, Editor of Parents Magazine and Acting Deputy Editor of Vogue Australia where she is now their Health Editor-at-Large.

Interview with Jody Scott

Portrait: Jody Scott, Health Editor, Vogue Australia

1. Tell us about your wellness journey - has it always been like this or was there a moment which sparked change?

No, there was no great moment of truth. I’ve always been passionate about healthy living. But my approach to health has evolved over the years. As a super sporty teenager and active twenty-something, I ate well and exercised a lot. But I also worked hard and stayed out late - so I was going at full speed all the time. In my 30s, I got more serious about nutrition, nourishing my babies and learning how to slow down. I still exercise daily but I switch between running, walking, weight training and yoga now, depending on how I feel. It doesn’t always have to be full-on cardio everyday anymore. Becoming a mother also made me crave calm. So meditation became an important part of my day, too.

2. What does a 'balanced' lifestyle mean to you and how do you maintain balance day to day?

Finding balance is a constant challenge . Eating whole foods, exercising, meditation and getting enough sleep give me the energy to keep up with my girls and feel happy. But some days are better than others and I might only manage two or three of those four things. And that’s okay. I just try to do my best most of the time. And then I try to stay relaxed when things aren’t perfect. Because I’ve learned from experience that getting stressed out or trying to be perfect all the time is not really healthy either.

3. The health and wellness industry has skyrocketed over the last few years and with so many new products coming into the market it can be overwhelming for consumers to decide what they need. What do you mainly look out for when you review healthcare and beauty products?

It has become such a confusing space and you can’t always believe the claims on the jar. I look for products without synthetic ingredients or artificial additives. When you are reading labels, start by keeping an eye out for sodium laurel sulphate, parabens (which have been shown to mimic the female hormone oestrogen) and anything you can’t pronounce.

4. For someone who is well aware of daily stressors such as deadlines and meeting expectations - can you share with us how you stay mindful and deal with overwhelm?

I actually enjoy the little surges of adrenalin that writing deadlines bring as long as I ground myself with some rituals and routine. I write my to-do-list at night. Then start my day with meditation and a workout before I sit down to tackle any of it. If do start to get overwhelmed I stop to light the oil burner, meditate again or make a cup of herbal tea. Sometimes I take my notes outside and sit in the sun for a while. If I get really stuck on something, a quick walk or a swim helps. By the time I get back, it’s been fixed in my head. And I find focussing on one thing at a time easier than multitasking - it’s almost like time slows down more when you do too.

5. Can you share with us how you educate your beautiful children about leading a healthy lifestyle?

I am quite strict about restricting screen time to weekends. And I try to get them moving and outside as much as I can - whether it’s dancing, shooting hoops or skating in our courtyard or walking down to the beach for a swim. I try not to harp on too much but I do often share simple snippets about why sugar is bad and what the different vegetables on their plate do for their bodies. They seem to enjoy hearing how different parts of the body work and have some great children’s books about it. So hopefully, they will grow up knowing how good exercise and healthy foods can make them feel. Most of all my husband and I just try to lead by example, hoping it will just sink in by osmosis.

6. How do you stay in greater harmony with the earth and continue to be environmentally aware?

Starting my day with a walk, run or dip in the sea. In the evenings, I always try to duck outside for a quick look at the moon or the stars. When it comes to clothes and homewares, I prefer to buy less and only buy things that I really love and will last. We buy organic fruit and vegetables from our local farmers market. And when I do have to go to the supermarket for other things then it’s a chance to support brands and companies that are doing things more sustainably.

Quick Q&A

1. You'll always find in my fridge...

Sauerkraut, kimchi, coconut yoghurt, chia seeds, some glass jars of herbal tea infusions to use as smoothie bases and lots of green leaves. In the freezer there’s always frozen berries and bananas for smoothies, homemade stocks, a few raw treats, and nuts and flours (to keep them fresh).

2. If I could have dinner with one inspirational person it would be...

This is hard. There are so many amazing women I admire for different reasons. Iris Apfel, Colleen Saidman, Alice Waters, Tilda Swinton, Brene Brown, Christy Turlington and Amanda de cadenet would all be inspiring company...

3. My favourite quote is….

"The body does what the mind tells it"

4. My non-negotiable self-care practice…

At least one daily meditation and a workout.

5. My number one wellness tip…

Drink more water. So simple but always makes you feel better.

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