Living in Brisbane: A guide from Katherine Bowden

Living in Brisbane: A guide from Katherine Bowden

Nestled on the beautiful coast of the Sunshine State is the laidback capital city of Queensland. Often overlooked by the larger cities in Australia, Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane is a city worth visiting in its own right.

Once simply thought of as a country town, today Brisbane is one of Australia’s fastest-growing cities with a cosmopolitan feel that rivals the more-populated cities of Australia. With its busy shopping centres, trendy Fortitude Valley, improving public transport and close proximity to the Sunshine Coast’s beauty and the Gold Coast’s buzz, what’s not to love?

What is living in Brisbane actually like?

We caught up with Katherine Bowden, founder of Brisbane Weekender, to learn more about living in the vibrant world of Brisvegas. From her handy blog that acts as a guide to living in Brissy, to her top tips about living in Queensland’s most populated city, you’ll want to start planning your trip to Brisbane today!

Tell us a bit about your website, Brisbane Weekender.

Carefree lifestyle

Brisbane Weekender is all about having fun! We live in one of the most relaxed places in the world so why not enjoy a carefree lifestyle? Our Instagram and blog show off an abundance of epic date spots, things to do with mates and where to have a great time flying solo, too.

We have awesome things to do, delicious food and desserts to eat, hip places to stay in Brisbane and the surrounds as well as some really cool local and afar creatives who make unique things to suit gifts for you, a special someone or mates.

We have a team of influencers dedicated to reviewing local experiences and we all think we have the best job in the world experiencing all Brisbane has to offer.

How did Brisbane Weekender come to be?

Ahh, how we started – what a journey we have had! Honestly, it all started over a bunch of loose change, a skinny latte, skinny cap and one big breakfast in Ashgrove split between a mum and daughter.

A few images at this cafe and that cafe soon grew into a blog with a few favourite places for all-day brekkie and then came socials! I saw a clear gap in the market for Brisbane food and lifestyle advocates on Instagram so I started to grow the social side of things and Brisbane loved having a simple visual platform to let them crave pizza and doughnuts!

Brisbane Weekender

What are your three favourite things about living in Brisbane?

1. Our creativity. Brisbane is full of creative souls, from really unique burgers and desserts found in a few sneaky laneways to street artists and more.

2. It’s green. It’s so wonderful to be surrounded by big shade trees perfect for picnic spots, green walls covering restaurants and climbing bougainvillaea archways

3. It’s chilled. We are a super relaxed and friendly city.

If someone was visiting Brisbane for the first time, what would be your top tips on what to do and what not to do?

Do: take a stroll through Paddington to see the local boutiques, grab some takeaway picnic hampers or fish and chips and eat at River Quay Green South Bank.

Don’t: get caught up trying to ‘do it all.’ For a big city there’s a pretty chilled vibe here, so focus more on getting lost in the local hot spots. Take your time on a few quality things instead of over-covering it all without soaking it all in.

What are your top 10 tips on what to do in Brisbane?

1. Marinara Trattoria Italian for seafood and pasta in Paddington.

2. Getta Burger for a casual bite in South Brisbane.

3. Bacchus for fine dining in South Bank.

4. Piggy Back Cafe to bring your pooch in Jindalee.

5. The current Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art exhibit at GOMA.

6. Take a ferry or CityCat to and from New Farm Park to South Bank on a weekend and explore the Collective Markets.

7. La Macelleria Gelateria West End for the best ice cream you’ll ever have!

8. Chapter IV Paddington for a big brekkie.

9. Rock climbing at Kangaroo Point.

10. A sneaky night away at SAGE and stroll down James Street for dinner.

What about if someone was planning to take the plunge and move to Brisbane?

Moving to Brisbane

Get ready for river jogs in the sun, picnics under shade palms and iced coffees (or chilled beers!) alfresco style. Brisbane has a fabulous chilled-out vibe.

We hear you're a fan of Boody. What is it about our everyday essentials you love?

Yes, we are such a big fan! The comfort and softness of the bamboo is top quality – it’s like wearing a hug. Plus, it looks great too!

We’re also all massive fans of sustainability here at Brisbane Weekender. We love that Boody uses organic bamboo, it’s so breathable and also makes us feel like we’re ‘doing our part’ to a more sustainable future.

Why did you choose the Boody items you're wearing in this shoot?

Why Boody

It was a hard choice! But at the end of the day, it was all about being comfortable and cosy as our weather is turning from a hot 36 degrees to cool and overcast. Plus, who doesn’t love a baby in trendy stripes?

What are your plans for the future? Any exciting things on the horizon for Brisbane Weekender?

For sure! Brisbane Weekender has opened the door to more baby and family-friendly products and experiences and so far we’re loving what Brisbane and the surrounds have on offer for young families. Keep your eye out as we expand this space!

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