Meet Jamie Hayman, Founder of Kindled Tiny Houses

Kindled Tiny House

We all know how busy life gets. Whether you live in the city or not, chances are there are times you want to get away and take a break from your everyday routine. Tiny houses are perfect for this. Minimal, cosy and ideal for connecting with nature, the benefits of staying in a tiny house are endless. 

Kindled knows a thing or two about what makes tiny houses so unique and sought-after. The Australian, family-run company is built upon the notion that instead of working all year to take an expensive break that speeds by as soon as it comes, you can take several smaller, more affordable trips throughout the year that are just as – if not more – relaxing.

To celebrate the exciting launch of Boody Lounge, our first-ever range of sustainable downtime wear for women, we’re theming this month around ways to #FindYourDowntime. Kindled’s tiny houses are the perfect place to relax, unwind and catch some zzz’s in our women’s loungewear and sleepwear, which is why we couldn’t wait to have a chat with the company’s founder, Jamie Hayman.

From the inspiration behind Kindled to what Jamie loves about Boody, find out more about tiny house getaways and why they’re so special.

What was the initial inspiration behind forming Kindled?

Jamie Hayman

Kindled was created out of frustration when it came to having a lack of space to retreat and recharge batteries. Constantly being plugged into a computer, phone or socially engaged can be demanding on your mindset, I experienced it first hand being in technology, so I was always looking for a weekend away, but the lack of availability and high cost made it almost impossible to find a special place amongst the trees that was secluded and private. 

Together as a family, we created a company that helps people get back into nature, exchanging the phones and laptops for experiences.

What do you think is the main appeal of a tiny house?

The appeal of tiny houses is around minimalism and anti-consumerism. The idea that we can live in a fraction of the space we normally do, with a fraction of the "stuff" we have can hopefully lead to a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Tiny houses are the cubby house you always wanted as a child, but now you can eat, sleep and relax in one.

Kindled Tiny House

Tell us a bit about Kindled's tiny houses and what makes them special.

Our ethos was around zero-impact, our first house is 100% off-grid, uses the highest quality solar equipment and is designed specifically for where it’s located. We wanted our houses to be a family-shared experience, with a queen and double bed, a family of four could easily enjoy. We've also partnered with some awesome brands, like Koala, to give our guests the most luxurious sleep possible.

Why do you think it's important for us to get back to nature when on a getaway?

The importance of crafting experiences on holidays are what really make reminiscing a special thing. Getting back into nature strips away the unnecessary "crap" in our lives and focuses on the good convo, good wine and a great time. The Japanese were onto something and proved that immersing yourself in nature can help relax and improve your mental wellbeing.

Kindled Tiny House

As you mentioned, you guys use Koala mattresses, pillowcases and sheets. What makes them the ideal choice for your Tiny Houses?

Koala have a great ethos, and we're all about brand alignment. Partnering with Koala was a no-brainer when it came to the best choice in bedding for our tiny house. We wanted the best luxury touches for our tiny houses, and Koala has the softest sheets I've ever used.

Kindled Tiny House

We also hear you guys are big Boody fans. What is it about our everyday essentials you love?

I love bamboo, the soft touch and the range you have is amazing. I like the fact that having good quality garments shouldn't cost the earth (literally).


What are your top picks from our range?

I'm really digging the briefs right now, the bamboo is super soft and feels great. The ladies in our team are also digging the women’s underwear. So comfy and soft!

We know you guys share our sustainable values. How important is living an eco-friendly life to Kindled?

Kindled Tiny House

The environment is something we all need to care about. Creating eco-friendly tiny houses is something we love doing, we love to be challenged about how we can push the envelope with smart environmental solutions that help us become a zero-impact company. 

I think as we start to spend more time in nature we appreciate how important, delicate and special our environment is. If we want this beautiful planet to last forever, we need to care for it.

Kindled Tiny House

In your opinion, what are the three best ways to #FindYourDowntime?

The best ways that work for me; 

  1. Grabbing someone special and heading away for a weekend, week or month to somewhere new and exciting.
  2. Spending some good quality time with friends at dinner, drinks or get together.
  3. Putting down the phone/laptop and reading a good book with a good drop.


What are Kindled's plans for the future? Anything exciting on the horizon?

We're working really hard to bring some unique and exciting escapes. We’re working with the National Parks and State Forests to help us achieve what we want to do: create a network of quick escapes anyone can use to get back into nature.

Find out more about Kindled and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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