Moving your Boody can help restore sight

Moving your Boody can help restore sight

This week, we put the spotlight on four Sydneysiders, four challengers who will be participating in the Fred Hollows Sydney Coastrek coming up next month. Megan Mckee-Griffith, Emma Beard, Nicole Vongdara and Rebecca Diaz, aged 38 to 47, will be moving their Boody for a great cause on March 17th 2017. Every step of the 60km coastal trek from Manly to Bondi will help restore sight as participating teams walk to raise funds for the foundation.

Boody will be supporting these four beautiful hearted ladies by dressing them up in comfy Boody bamboo clothes to help them through the strenuous challenge. 

Without further ado, here’s how they make it happen...

Fred Hollows Coastrek - Team

Megan & her team will be moving their Boody for the Fred Hollows Foundation on March 17th 2017 and raising funds to help restore sight.

About Fred Hollows and the Wild Women on Top Coastrek

If you had to describe the Fred Hollows Foundation in one sentence?

A charity run by selfless, dedicated people who restore sight to children and adults who have avoidable blindness.

How did you get to know about the Fred Hollows Foundation?

I have known about Fred Hollows Foundation for many years through documentaries and news stories about Fred’s life. I know he must have been such a wonderful man; he dedicated his life to helping others.

Did you already know about the concept of charity races/walks before committing to this trek?

I walked Coastrek 50km last year. I have also heard about the 100km Oxfam walk, although I’m not up to that yet!!

What was your source of motivation to get involved?

4 out of 5 people are needlessly blind, and if we can raise money to give the gift of sight, that is all the motivation we need. Some medical operations only cost $25, a small price to pay to give someone back their sight. Fred Hollows Foundation hopes to raise 2.85 million dollars through Coastrek 2017.

Time for a well deserved rest wearing Boody sports socks.

Training time in Boody Sports Socks, we hope that the comfort cushioning will support them through the 60km walk.

How did you decide which association to support?

With so many charities needing help it is really hard to choose. Both my husband and my 8 year old son wear glasses. I often think what would have happened if we lived in a third world country. I’m sure we would not have been able to afford glasses or even have the opportunity to see an optometrist? My husband would certainly not be able to work as his eyesight is very bad, and my son would struggle at school with reading. We are so lucky to live in Australia and have the medical care that we have. I think if every person helped in some small way to help another person, what a better world we would all live in.

What means did you put in place to collect funds and help support the association?

Each team needs to fundraise a minimum of $2000. Last year I thought it would be hard, but I was so impressed with how generous people are. When they hear you’re going to walk 60km in one day, the wallets start to open! Family and friends also donated online at our fundraising page. This year I’m also planning on having a cake stall at my work place again.

What does this challenge represent for you?

It’s a chance to give back to humanity and to bond with my team of girlfriends. No one gets left behind; we’re there to support each other both with the training leading up the event and also on the day. It’s going to be a long hard day on the 17th March, with hopefully not too many tears and not too many blisters!

Fred Hollows Coastrek - Training in Kosciusko National Park

The "Too Tired to Be Inspired" team prep-training for the Sydney Coastrek in Kosciusko National Park.

How did you prepare yourself for the event? Any particular training?

Load of training: many km’s covered each week, stair training (you’d be amazed how many sets of stairs are around our beautiful city coastline and our harbour), bushwalking with our backpacks and boot-camp sessions. The next few weeks of training will be intense.

Did you set yourself a time objective for the race? If so, what is it?

We just want to finish. It’s not a race, we want to finish together and still be in one piece. Our team starts the walk at 6am on March 17th. Hopefully we’ll cross the line before midnight…..fingers crossed…….

Here's How You Can Help

Encourage Megan, Emma, Nicole and Rebecca and contribute to this great cause by making a donation via their fundraising page. Visit the Fred Hollows Foundation website for more information about their mission.

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