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Celebrate World Environment Day | Easy Ways to Advocate and Make Change

Stephanie Audino June 04, 2021
Celebrate World Environment Day |  Easy Ways to Advocate and Make Change

It's World Environment Day, 8th June, and while every day is technically a day to be kind to the planet, this is a day to show appreciation and get into new, green habits if needed. Here are 10 easy ways to advocate for our planet and make a change.  

Plant something! 

Trees not only cool things down, but they also clean the air. Another option is to plant your own fruits and veggies which will benefit your health and avoid having to transport the food to stores. 

Ride your bike

Finding transportation alternatives that help reduce your carbon footprint and make you but get you moving - it’s a win, win. The fewer cars on the road, the fewer carbon emissions polluting the air. Riding your bike or even just walking to your destination are the best alternatives to driving if possible. 

Be a green leader 

It’s cool to care. Use your platform, start the conversation, ask questions, read more and say more. Your actions will make an impact. 

Choose re-usable 

From tote bags to coffee cups, only choose the reusable option when you can. 

Spend time outside

Sometimes we can be so caught up in what’s happening inside and online, that we forget the beauty of the great outdoors. World Environment Day is a reminder of how beautiful our planet is. Work outside, spend the afternoon outdoors reading, have lunch outside and meditate in the fresh air. Try to spend some time outside and show some love to the amazing place we all call home.

What are you doing for World Environment Day? Tell us via @boody