Men's Sock Multipacks

Stock up and save with this range of men's sock multipacks. Available in packs of three and five, these sock multipacks are made ultra comfortable and breathable from their organically-grown bamboo fabric blend. From active sports socks to business socks, this array of 3-pack and 5-pack sock multipacks are not to be missed.

Have your working week covered with this essential range of men's sock multipacks. Perfect for stocking up and saving, these 3-pack and 5-pack sock multipacks are not to be missed.

Featuring active sports socks, business socks and work/boot socks, these socks are crafted from organically-grown bamboo making them good for your health and the planet.

Ultra soft and breathable, the benefits of bamboo are endless. The structure of the bamboo fibres contains micro-gaps, which provide ventilation and pull moisture away from the body. This allows the skin to breathe, which means less sweating — and less nasty odours!

No man's collection is complete without an assortment of timeless socks, and this selection of sock multipacks ticks all the right boxes. Durable, high-quality and affordable, you'll want to bundle and save with our men's sock multipacks.