Bamboo Underwear

Bamboo underwear is an excellent alternative to more traditional cotton or polyester underwear due to bamboo's amazing, naturally occurring properties as a textile and highly sustainable cultivation practices. Boody bamboo underwear is made from a specially crafted blend of organic bamboo yarn. When compared with traditional underwear, bamboo products are more durable, have greater moisture wicking ability, are naturally anti-bacterial and importantly look great while providing lasting comfort for those long sessions at work or in the gym.


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Why Choose Bamboo Underwear?

The bamboo yarn itself has a number of advantages over more traditional products such as cotton. Bamboo grows exceptionally fast, reaching up to 35 meters tall, and only requires rainwater to grow. No artificial irrigation is therefore involved in the process. This means it can be ready for harvest much quicker than other crops and as it is a grass. Our bamboo is also harvested in a way that protects soils from erosion by cutting the plant at its base rather than pulling roots out of the ground. Once it has been cut it begins to regenerate immediately. Cultivation of bamboo also consumes a lot less water than cotton, at around 1/40 the amount. This means that land used for harvesting bamboo doesn't suffer from the problems associated with heavy irrigation. Finally the quantity of bamboo yielded per square meter of land exceeds that of cotton by up to 60 times, making it far more environmentally friendly. Discover even more benefits of bamboo here.


benefits of bamboo underwear


Here's what some of our happy customers have to say about their bamboo underwear:

"I've been buying sports bras all my life because I can't stand the annoying, useless garbage laden upon most bras: size adjusting hardware, wires, padding, seams sewn with thread that looks like fishing line, etc. They've been OK... as long as I stay away from anything with straps so thin that they dig trenches in your shoulders and tags that scratch as if they are made of fiberglass. This bra is amazing! The fabric is breathable. The elastic isn't binding. The straps are wide and the back is a reasonable squared edge, not a "racer" back that always shows under your t-shirt collar. When I sleep in them, they don't twist or crawl up. I hate paying retail prices for clothes, but for this level of comfort, I'm willing to pay premium." - S. Roark.


"I received my Boody order today, just wanted to leave you some feedback. I'm so impressed, your website is simple to navigate & use, the descriptions & sizings are helpful & accurate, & the clothes are amazingly comfortable.
Thank you so much! I'll definitely be back for more & will be recommending you to everyone." - V. Taylor.