Giving Back


“More than everyday essentials”

Giving back is an integral part of our philosophy at Boody, engrained in our culture and our people. We are passionate humanitarians and environmentalists and place sharing and compassion at the center of our mission. We created Boody with the vision of helping people feel better in a better world.

More than everyday essentials, Boody products are mindful and meaningful. At the top of our value proposition is to respect others and our planet. So whether we donate money, time or products, you can be sure to purchase from a brand that cares about the world, with beautifully crafted, thoughtful products that bring people and our planet together.

Local engagement, global perspectives

As an Australian brand, we take special care to support our local communities as well as the environments in which our communities thrive. Our flora, fauna and people are three vital elements we believe work in symbiosis by supporting each other. When selecting the causes and organisations we support, we always keep in mind these three priorities. We also consider these guiding principles:

  • Help save and protect biodiversity to preserve life on Earth,
  • Commit to ethics and compliance,
  • Contribute to local development and solidarity, ensuring equal opportunity and developing cohesion and wellbeing,
  • Ensure health and safety.

In the future, Boody plans to expand its solidarity beyond the boundaries of its own backyard by supporting causes with a global reach. Knowing we can help make a difference beyond monetary value is our driving force.

We give back 1% of all sales to the Planet

That’s right, one percent of all Boody online orders is donated to non-profits who help protect the environment. Through 1% for the Planet, we join over 1,500 other businesses globally supporting real change, together contributing to the preservation of our beautiful planet with tangible actions.

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Who we support

Charities and causes we support

Greening Australia

Greening Australia is a non-profit dedicated to conserving and restoring our unique and endangered Australian landscapes for people and nature to thrive.

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Threads together serve a simple yet important mission: to deliver good quality, clean clothing to members of our community who are doing it tough.

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PropellerProjects is a non-profit organisation dedicated to making sustainable change happen around the world.

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