5 reasons to ditch the scales in 2019

Find Body Harmony and Lose the Scales

Last updated: 11th July 2019

How many of us allow the scales to dictate our self-worth? We push ourselves for a few weeks before jumping on those dreaded things again to check whether we've shed some kilos. We do everything from strict dieting to exercising daily and turning down meals with friends – all to lose that extra baggage.

Then, when we check our weight, sometimes not much has changed and it is devastating. We begin to work harder, skip meals and say no to balanced home cooked dinners. All the while, wondering to ourselves: how long does it take to notice weight loss?

This attitude and approach to weight loss and constantly fixating ourselves to the scales slowly but surely makes us really unhappy.

Why you should break free from the scales

So how do we break the cycle? How do we stop checking that little number in the box every morning and afternoon and get on with enjoying our lives?

1. They're not an accurate reflection of your health

Your kg doesn’t take into account important health factors such as hormones, hydration, digestive patterns, bowel movements or even the fact that you just ate.

2. They make you stressed and obsessed

Checking your weight daily might seem like you’re keeping track of your goals, but how many times has it disappointed you if the number wasn’t what you wanted to see? On good days you might jump on and feel great, but then other days you might jump on and it can take you to a steep low. Is this fluctuating relationship serving you and your happiness?

3. They shouldn't dictate your self-esteem and worth

In a matter of seconds jumping on the scales can take us from feeling happy and confident to insecure and self-conscious. The problem is that this little machine shouldn’t take our self-esteem away from us. It’s up to us to realise that a number does not determine our worth and that we can choose how we want to feel.

4. They lead us to lose our power with the present moment

Being in harmony with your health means to consciously be aware of your feelings. Instead of worrying about a number try connecting with the food on your plate and the sensations of every bite, or the movement of your body and how stretching, running and walking enhances your energy and vitality.

5. Life's too short!

Last but not least, life is way too short to be checking your weight every five minutes. Forget about them, get outside and enjoy your life. Once you get moving, you'll most probably find you start shedding the kilos without having to obsess over them.


Find your balance

Once you've ditched the scales, you'll soon find you don't even know your weight anymore. But you'll probably start to feel lighter, fit into your clothes better and be the happiest and healthiest you've been your whole life.

Being in harmony with your body is not about a number, but a feeling. Once you realise your health and self-esteem is thriving without needing to check in daily on a piece of equipment, you'll feel free.

Find your balance

The scales might work for some people and they have a place, but the majority of the time they're disconnecting us from what’s really important – being at peace with your health and vitality. Focusing merely on a number is not the measurement of a good transformation – but rather the significant results we feel from eating and moving our bodies in a way that is sustainable and realistic.

If you were eating nourishing food, sleeping better, reducing stress levels, doing exercise daily and feeling happy yet the number on the scales never changed – would you then begin to deprive yourself, exercise to the point of exhaustion and put yourself down because it wasn’t good enough?

Imagine if this were your child, if they jumped on the scales would you tell them that it’s not good enough or to try harder? We need to treat ourselves with the same kindness and not allow our ego or "comparisonitis" to creep in and tell us otherwise.  

If you can control the urge and only weigh yourself monthly – then keep the scales. But in our opinion, we'd suggest saving them for the doctors or when they're truly needed. Say goodbye to those nasty scales and don’t forget to be eco-friendly by handing them over to an op shop.

To freedom and happy health!

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